12 things to review before you offer your home for sale

Selling your house
Selling your house

Sitting down at your home, you can vividly see things that made you be attracted to that home and finally bought it. There are certain aspects of the home that you know any buyer would fall for. The same aspects should be put into consideration when you want to sell that home. The moment there is a potential buyer who is willing to buy your home, the basic thing that you should do is putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Imagine if the general and the detailed features of the house will be enough to convince you into buying the house. Here are the 12 things that you should look at when a buyer makes an offer on your home.


  1. The exterior painting

The first thing that will capture the buyer’s eyes when approaching your home is its exterior looks. A good exterior look will create a good impression to the buyer, and the reverse is true. Make sure you apply a fresh coating of paint on the exterior and make the appearance of the home look good and modern. In choosing the color, select the one that would appeal to a good number of buyers.


  1. Lighting

Refurbish your home to look brighter. In dealing with the lighting, make it is such a way that natural light from the sun during the day gets a maximum penetration. Get the windows cleaned and pull the blinds to let in the light. Install lamps in the areas that have dark spots.


  1. Windows and doors

Replace old windows and doors with a new set of good looking ones. Take maximum care of the front door to make it more welcoming. Research from other top selling homes on various stylish features that can be added to the windows and doors to better their look.


  1. Kitchen

Make some improvements to the looks of your kitchen. Fix the plumbing features such as any leakages. Update on the looks of the cabinets and countertops. Despite giving it a facelift, don’t do a complete overhaul of your kitchen by installing new expensive features. This may scare a buyer.


  1. Flooring

Make the floors of your home clean, tidy and modern. There should be a good uniformity in the floor from one room to another. Conduct some research from the floor experts so that you don’t end up disappointing a potential buyer.


  1. Interior painting

Though the potential buyers might redo the painting to suit their choice, it is always good that you also take care of the interior painting. Choose the colors that match and are attractive to many eyes. You can consult an interior design for this.


  1. Bathrooms

Make your bathrooms user-friendly and attractive to use. You can install new toilets and tubs. Another thing that you can do is cleaning and replacing the tiles. Painting the bathroom walls will improve its look.


  1. Roofing

Ensure that the state of your roof will impress the buyer. Inspect for any signs of leakage and other faulty features. Ensure that the roof is clean to look attractive.


  1. De-cluttering

Do some deep cleaning to the kitchen, bathrooms, and floor area. If possible, use some professional cleaners to do the cleaning for you.


  1. Clean the yard

Ensure that the yard is thoroughly cleaned and well maintained. Cut the grass, trim the hedges and pull the weeds to make the yard look good.


  1. Minor repairs

Make a general walk through of the house to look for and note any faults. Then, make sure you fix at least the most unappealing looking problems so that the home looks in the best cosmetic condition possible. You don’t have to make everything perfect, rather make sure that you repair the ones that a home buyer would expect to be done. For instance, if there is a leaky faucet, make sure you take care of that too.


  1. Ventilation system

Inspect the ventilation system to ensure that they are in good condition. Unblock any holes available.



With these 12 tips, be assured that a buyer making an offer on your house will be impressed. However, if you don’t want to have to mess with doing all of these things, you could also sell it to one of those companies that buy houses. You know, the ones that advertise “We Buy Houses” or say that “selling a house as is” is no problem at all